Unsure Who to Call for Your Tree Care?

Unsure Who to Call for Your Tree Care?  

Is an Arborist the Same as a Tree Contractor?

Also known as a tree surgeon, an arborist is someone that works in the field of arboriculture. Basically, they are involved in caring for the health of trees, and they could use numerous different methods for that end. An arborist is a profession which is totally separate from that of a logger that harvests trees or a forester, who is more concerned with the overall status of the wildlife in a forest environment.

Arborists are brought in to perform jobs which will usually have a positive impact upon the life of a tree. This could include tasks such as trimming or shaping foliage on a tree or plant, in addition to treating a tree to help clear up blight or some sort of disease which is threatening to harm or kill a tree. An arborist or tree contractor could perform surgery upon trees, which will range from small and new trees to trees which are decades old. Some specialize in specific species of tree, whilst others work on trees of every kind and in every condition.

As with most professions, working this job means getting the proper training and credentials. The ultimate aim is to become a fully certified arborist, which means an individual will not only have the right educational credentials but will have a minimum of 3 years of hands on experience in this profession. Individuals that want to pursue less exacting jobs in this industry can choose to be certified arborist technicians, this means the training and testing are not so comprehensive

Arborists can find work in national forests, private research, and state and park recreational facilities. Plus, there are some that choose to work on a contractual or freelance basis, usually working with landscapers, the wood industry, and other similar businesses, to ensure the health of trees and shrubs which are involved with a specific application.

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