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Dead branches are pruned to maintain the health of trees, but if you don’t do it correctly, it may make things worse. You’ll need to learn how to prune branches safely, and the tree doesn’t suffer. A tree service provider advises on pruning branches safely in the article below.

Don’t Immediately Make a Cut at the Edge

According to tree service professionals, branches will have difficulties recovering if cut at the point where they join the main stem. If you cut an offshoot from the base, the weight will rip away from the trunk, causing more damage, and take longer for the wound to heal, so it is always better to start from the tip and work backward. That way, you will always control how much you need to eliminate.

Use the Three-Cut Technique

The three-cut technique can stop the branches from tearing a piece of the tree off, which could make the wound more difficult to heal. Place the saw against the branch’s bottom side, tilt it a foot away, and begin cutting upwards approximately a third of the width. Place the saw at the tip of the branch and extend the cut by about an inch from the bottom. Cut all the way through with a clean cut.

Trim the Remaining Branch

You may now cut the remaining portion of the branch since the portion supporting the weight has. While cutting as near to the tree as you can, leave some room so the branch collar won’t tear. Cut down the branch, beginning at the top. If you employ the three-cut technique, you will notice that the cut is smooth and the wound is cleaner than if you didn’t.

When you prune the branches, use these guidelines to avoid hurting the tree. You may always call Omega Tree Service at (980) 319-5323 if you need assistance from a reputable tree service. Our clients in Concord, NC can choose from a wide range of tree services.

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